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Improving online relationships, one email at a time.

Hi! I'm Hannah, a client experience specialist with a passion for people.

I help solopreneurs and business associations provide stellar customer experiences that keep your clients coming back.
 Hannah's skills go beyond those of a virtual assistant; she acts as a sounding board and trusted advisor, which are essential in navigating the direction you want to take in your business. 
-April Stroink, Money Coach

Here's the reality -- there is only so much time in the day. And despite popular opinion, you do not have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé.


You have a family you love. You are proud of your life AND the business you’ve built.


Your plate is full and your schedule doesn’t allow for #onemorething. 


When your business is growing, it might look like:

  • the prospective client waiting for you in your inbox

  • your growing online community needs support

  • your existing clients aren’t getting the attention they deserve

  • your business has grown so quickly and there hasn’t been any time to set up a proper client journey

  • your general inbox is left unattended

  • blog posts and newsletters left unpublished


And you probably aren’t looking for another employee. You need someone who can jump in to pick up the slack a few times a week. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a wingwoman who could do just that? ✈️


Hey, I’m Hannah. And I’ll be your wingwoman. 


When we work together, I can:

  • be a second set of eyes and ears on your biz

  • hold down the fort while you are off on spring break with your kids 

  • connect with your clients while you are focusing on revenue-generating work

  • assess and improve your client’s experience

  • stay on top of your inbox

  • proofread and hit publish on those blog posts

Good news, my friend.


I got you.


I'm Hannah Paré and I take care of things robots can't do 

Hiring a Virtual Assistant isn't about you NOT being able to do everything, it's about recognizing that you don't HAVE TO do everything yourself.

And that's where I come in - I'm your assistant, happy to take those time consuming (yet important!) tasks off your plate. 

Working with me gives you the freedom to use your valuable time in the way you want, whether that means growing your business, taking time for self-care, or spending time with loved ones. 

It’s why I’ve taken countless hours of training and certification in personal concierge, virtual assistance and inbox management. And why I love working with solopreneurs and business associations to provide high-touch customer experiences. 


What I love most is that she's my wing woman and cheerleader on this bumpy - and sometimes lonely - entrepreneurial journey. We bounce ideas around and she helps me navigate the ups and downs together. She's not afraid to call me up to the next level. And because of her support, I've been able to grow my business revenue and impact by 269% with ease and lots of laughs.
-Kim Kiel, Copywriter 

Get customized support for your business - 
because no two businesses are alike

From daily inbox support Monday to Thursday (that's right, I don't work on Fridays) to proofreading and scheduling blog posts once a month (and many needs in between!) - everyone's business needs are different. 

I work closely with all of my clients to create a custom package that works best for them; based on availability, needs and turnaround standards. 


Packages can range from one day per week to 30 hours a month.

​Whether you are on the business side or the customer side of any transaction, you know that customer service is important.

Maintaining a human connection in this growing online world

is what turns a client into a return client.


My online community is over 75,000 and our programs often have over 400 people in them at a time and Hannah has continued to support all of them in the most powerful ways. She creates an abundance of safety, assures that everyone feels seen and supported and most importantly, she deeply cares about each of them. 

-Sarah Baldwin, Trauma Life Coach

Are you ready to have some breathing room?


I’m here to give you the tools and support you need to create the sustainable

business (and life!) you deserve.  ||  City of Champions T6H 4E7 Canada
Treaty 6 territory, the traditional territory of the Plains Cree, Woodland Cree, Beaver Cree, Saulteaux, Niisitapi (Blackfoot), Métis, and Nakota Sioux Peoples. Edmonton, AB

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