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Hi! I'm Hannah

I love Hallmark movies, animal print and have recently started cheating on my daily cup of tea with coffee.

In the busy sea of life,

how do you rest

without drowning?

You build yourself

a liferaft.

And I'm here to help!  I spend my days guiding skillful sailors like yourself stay on course.  You are a capable Captain, but as you know -- every Captain needs a First Mate.  Think Captain Ahab and Starbuck, Captain Hook and Smee, Captain and Tenille...

Hiring a Virtual Assistant isn't about you NOT being able to do everything, it's about recognizing that you don't HAVE TO do everything yourself.

And that's where I come in - I'm your assistant, happy to take those time consuming (yet important!) tasks off your plate. 

Working with me gives you the freedom to use your valuable time in the way you want, whether that means growing your business, self-care, or with loved ones. 

​Unlike working with a big corporation, we get plenty of one-on-one time so that I can really know you and your way in the (business) world. Having a solid connection helps keep your work stay authentic.  



I hold certifications from the International Association of Professionals Career College as both a Virtual Assistant and Personal Concierge.

I also have a Hospital Unit Clerk certification from Bow Valley College.

My entire 20+ year professional career has revolved around Customer Service -- from front line coffee serving, donut slinging to running the Quality Assurance department for a major player in the financial industry -- AND absolutely every position in between!

Not to mention, I'm a mom of three which makes my superpowers multi-tasking, resourcefulness and baking (and decorating!) 3 dozen cupcakes after midnight.

Focus on the tasks you love, and I'll take care of the rest.

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