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"Clutter is just postponed decisions"


Inbox Clean Up 

This is for the one who lives in their inbox. You need help organizing and prioritizing so you don’t lose anything AND so you don’t get distracted with non-essential email noise. I will unsubscribe to needless newsletters,  create filters for important (but not urgent) emails, and file previous emails in custom folders. 

Customer Service 

This is for the solo-preneur or small business owner who fields questions from clients (and potential clients) about product details or service options. These inquiries are important to your business, but it isn’t important that YOU personally answer these requests. These inquiries come through email, website forms, and social media. 

* Inbox Clean Up & Customer Service packages can be

 combined for the ultimate in optimization!*

Hourly & Custom

This is for everything else! A short-term launch or project that needs an extra set of hands.  Maybe monthly invoicing? Calendar management? Proofreading blog posts? Whatever you need for smooth sailing.

Need more details? Let's chat! or call 780-920-0112

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